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Francesca Pedulla & Lorenzo Gasperoni | Axis Syllabus Workshop | 25-26.11.17

The polyrhythmic body -Investigating the deep dialogue between rhythm and dance

Live music: Lorenzo Gasperoni


The human body is a succession of interwoven events and intentions, subtle fluid flows, breathing waves, pulsing contractions. Each movement is an inherent polyrhythmic orchestration.

Our research focuses on the characteristic intimacy between rhythm and dance West Africa's culture. This legacy reveals the body's polyrhythmic reality, providing a template for the study and re-elaboration of the human being's relationship to its environment.


The support of anatomy, physics and biomechanics and analytical tools borrowed from occidental musicology can help us to perceive and decode the intrinsic wisdom of this antique, yet timeless practice. Rather than obsolete or contradictory to contemporaneity, we think these traditions represent a limitless source of insight and inspiration, and that in fact current and ancient practices can enrich each other. During the workshop we will aspire to facilitate a profound intimacy between the music and the dancing body, suggest ways in which each can assist in the gathering of skill and awareness, as well as engender and enhance creative expression.


25 - 26 November 2017

12.00 - 15.00


participation fee

65 euros / 55 euros for studio students


for more info and registrations, contact us!


Francesca Pedullà is an artist-curator and Axis Syllabus teacher. She graduated in History of Theatre and Performing Arts. She holds a diploma as a professor of African Dance Expression - Centre Artistique 6-éme Parallel - FEIDA Bordeaux, directed by Koffi Koko. Since 1998 she has spent several months out of the year living in Benin, who's rich culture has been a profound artistic inspiration.

Since 2005, she develops artistic works and cultural cooperation projects as choreographer and artistic director in both Europe and Benin. Her latest works were presented at the Institute Français de Cotonou (Benin), FITHEB (Benin), Teatro della Tosse (Genoa), Teatro dell'Archivolto (Genoa), TroisC L (Luxembourg), Festival Biennale Passage 012 (Bielefeld), Tanzfabrik Berlin, Haus der Berliner Festspiele (Berlin) a.o. Currently based in Berlin, she choreographs, performs and teaches throughout Europe, the USA, Canada and Benin.


Lorenzo Gasperoni is graduated in 1989 in classical percussion in Conservatorio di Verona and Civica Scuola di Musica in Milan. The same year following his inclination towards being an “eternal student”, he started his trips to discover the ethnical rhythms, going several times to Guinea, Mali, Burkina Faso, Senegal, Benin, Southern India, Morocco, and to Cuba. Now Lorenzo is a well known composer and percussionist actually performing with several band such as Mamud Band, La Frontera, Artchipel Orchestra all over Europe. During his career he wrote music for important dance- theater shows. Fundamental aspect of his research is the relation with dance, to find a way to talk and play the same language of the body in movement.

Lorenz has been playing with prestigious world-renowned musician and dancer such as Lester Bowie, Fred Wesley, Brian Auger, Paco Sery, Famoudou Konate, Herns Duplan, Frey Faust, Mama Adama Camara, Francesca Pedullà.