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Giannis Karounis | Contemporary Dance Workshop | 30.5 - 1.6 2014

30.5 - 1.6



Physical and mental endurance in one kinetic act

Movement forms will be used in order to help the body awaken and set in action the mechanisms of connecting and approaching emotions. The dancers increase their physical and mental limits of endurance, feeling full and secure for the moment he decides to participate in or create a kinetik act. Three basic elements will be analysed: Strength, Technique and Personality. The workshop addresses dancers, dance students and people who participate in any kind of physical exercise.


participation fee

60 euro /45 euro for studio students


for more info and registrations, contact us!

Giannis Karounis is a founding member of Saltator dance company. He pursues movement as a communicating code between people. He understands dance as a way of projecting and exposing emotions, leading the body in a journey where the purpose is the journey itself.