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Axis Syllabus Workshop with Frey Faust and Francesca Pedulla

Axis Syllabus Workshop with Frey Faust and Francesca Pedulla


Frey Faust – Counter-Spirals

Friday 9.11          15.00 – 17.00

Saturday 10.11                  12.00 – 14.30

Sunday 11.11                     12.00 – 14.30


Francesca Pedulla – Walk the Beat

Saturday 10.11                  15.00 – 17.30

Sunday 11.11                     15.00 – 17.30



Participaton fee

Frey Faust – Counter-Spirals : 80 euro (7 hours)

Francesca Pedulla – Walk the Beat : 60 euro (5 hours)

Both workshops : 120 euro (12 hours) /  110 euro for studio students



Workshop info


COUNTER-SPIRALS FROM THE ANATOMICAL CENTERThe human body is built on the double helix principle, a tri-axial matrix which offers all possible movement options at once: linearity, curve, spiral, figure eight, toroid geometry, etc. The “Anatomical Center” is listed in the Axis Syllabus as the central intersection of nerve, circulatory, organ, and mayo-fascial systems, the possible origin or nexus of all structural arcing, twisting, spreading and contracting circles. 
In this session, Frey will offer an exploratory platform for discerning and working with these and any other options we can find, as well as proposing sequences of specific movement selections for investigation and practice.

The Axis Syllabus – initiative to provide a public information resource

The Axis Syllabus is the fruit of an emergent, educational initiative to provide an accessible reference system for practical human anatomy and physics as they apply to training, rehabilitation and performance:   

*gait analysis and re-education  
*rebuilding motor patterns through the acquisition/re-education of falling responses 
*kinetic energy generation and deployment of inertial laws 
*management of gravitational and mechanical forces



Walk the beat - basic rhythmical understanding and coordination through walking mechanics


Walking is a practice common to all human beings and cultures. Walking could therefore be thought of as the matrix for all traditional dances.

This fundamental gesture, that has so profoundly shaped our species, allows us a trans-disciplinary access portal to the moving human body, to its cellular memory, it's individual and collective identity.

Walking is also a profoundly polyrhythmical action: the alternance of the shift of weight expressed by our feet, the offbeat pulse of our knees, the melody of the undulations of the spine and swing of  the arms,  not to mention  all the different accents and rhythmical colors that we can make while we walk according to our objectives and mood…

During the workshop we will use the anatomical and bio-mechanical tools offered by the Axis Syllabus as well as some basic rhythmical principles to analyze the body's subtle structural relationships.

Starting from a promenade, we will move into a dance that can expand these principles in time and space.


Teachers info

Frey Faust began performing at the age of 8 with his family as a traveling troubadour. He is a second generation contact improviser and an alumnus of the 80´s New York dance scene. Some of his more important early influences came from: Shekhinah Mountainwater, Nita Little, Pavel Rouba, Rene Bazinet, and Janet Panetta. He has worked with and for a number of artists (order of appearance): Ohad Naharin, Donald Byrd, David Parsons, Gina Buntz, Howard Katz, Merce Cunningham, Meredith Monk, Randy Warshaw, Bob Een, Stephen Petronio, Danny Ezralow... to name a few. He founded or co-founded three dance companies, and has created or co-created over 40 choreographic solo and group works. Following an independent study of anatomy, biomechanics, and physics, he has been able to build a pedagogical approach that has made him a sought after teacher, personal coach and technical counselor. After fifteen years of research, he consolidated his findings in a book, 'The Axis Syllabus - human movement lexicon', which he continues to edit with the help of the Axis Syllabus International Research Network. Founded in 2009, the ASIRN is a rapidly expanding group of experts from many related fields in the human movement and education sciences. Recently, his work on the AS has been focused on the construction of a symbol set with the potential to streamline movement documentation and analysis. He also makes shoes, speaks 4 languages, continues to create and perform dances.


Francesca Pedullà is an Axis Syllabus teacher, dancer, choreographer and independent curator. She graduated in History of Theatre and Performing Arts.  She holds a diploma as a professor of African Dance Expression - FEIDA Bordeaux, directed by Koffi Koko.

Fascinated by human relationships and interested in successful, unsuccessful and unfinished dialogues she makes the body the subject and the object of her inquiry.

Based in Berlin, but always in movement, she choreographs, performs and teaches throughout Europe, Israel, the USA, Canada, Brazil and Benin.

She is the artistic director of TRACES, study program for dancers based in Ouidah – Benin and co-curator of the European Nomadic College and the Sensing In Festival in Berlin.