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contemporary class | Konstantinos Katsamakis

instructor: Konstantinos Katsamakis

In this class, we study the basic principles of movement and energy release (release technique) in relation with the body, space, rhythm and other people. We focus on the study of body anatomy and the laws of physics and physiology, in order to move with speed, safety and various dynamics.

Warm up consists of play, structured and/or improvised exercises. We begin to move in space and change levels, in order to warm up and prepare for more dynamic and fast situations. We look for sequential movement and continuous flow, but also experiment with durations and dynamics. We try to use the entire body when moving and avoid isolation and sudden gaps. We study how energy releasing and recovering can transfer us through space. We discover ‘how’ and ‘how much’ we can use our kinetic force, in order to run, turn, jump, fall and dance.